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Flik's Adventure, Chapter 5

Atta was stunned, to say the least, by the blue smoke. Who could be visiting her? It certainly wasn't Kaliman. The smoke cleared, and out from the smoke came a short blue pillbug. He coughed from the smoke, and then turned to face Atta.

"Good evening, miss." the pill-bug stated in an English accent. "I am Essen, assistant to His Majesty. I have been given the task of keeping watch over you."

Atta was beginning to get very upset considering all that she had been through. "Look, mister!!" she said, exasperated. " Do you honestly think I need ANOTHER overlord in my life?!?! The BEST thing you could do for me now is to get me out and take me back home!!"

"I'm sorry, miss," Essen sighed. "but I can't do that. Would you care to explain your anger to me?"

Atta was cautious at this statement. "Would you tell Kaliman about our conversation?", she asked.

"No, miss. I would not."

Atta sighed. "Well, here it goes..." Atta told about how she had been kidnapped by Kaliman, and had formed her special bond with Flik. She also told about how scared she felt over the possibility that Flik could be dead. When she had finished her story, she sat down on the ground, exhausted.  The two of them sat in silence for some minutes. However, Essen broke the silence.  "My senses tell me the one called Flik is out there looking for you!"   Atta felt a huge sense of joy rise up inside her upon this being said. Suddenly, she got an idea.

"Essen..," she asked cautiously," Is there anything that prohibits correspondence to and from here?"

"I don't think there is. Why?"

"I want Flik to know that I'm okay.", Atta stated, and she started to write a letter using a twig and a leaf she had found. After a few minutes, she had finished writing the letter, and gave it to Essen. "Will you make sure this gets to Flik safely?" Essen was very reluctant to deliver the letter, as he knew he would be commuting treason, but eventually gave a small smile. "Very well," he stated. "Since I can teleport myself to places, I  shall deliver the letter. However, for obvious reasons, I will have to give this in disguise, so as to lessen my suspicion. Farewell." He waved to Atta, turned around, and clicked his fingers. A flash of blue smoke appeared, and in an instant he was gone.
All Characters belong to Disney Pixar.
Pixarian14 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013
How is it? And what do you have in mind for Chapter 6?
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